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We provide last mile banking services to the unbanked through our extensive and effective Customer Service Points.

Our Objective

Save Solution

Bringing the underserved to formal banking channels by reducing their dependence on unorganized money lenders.

Why Choose Us

Save Solution

We ensure client protection by undertaking various service quality initiatives. We are fully committed to providing responsible financing.

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SAVE is one of the largest banking Business Correspondents providing banking services to the bottom of the pyramid segment.Our strength lies in reaching out to the last-mile segment as a financial services distributor for commercial banks through the use of technology platforms.

We have come to know that some other fraud Companies are using a similar website like SAVE. We have also come to know that they are using the photographs taken from our website and using them for their website. These Companies do not provide any CSP Point and they have created these websites for cheating and misleading people. They endanger both SAVE reputation and the Banks reputation and the safety of Customer Service Point. We humbly request you not to conduct any business with such websites.

Note: – If any anomaly will be received at our end we will not be responsible and will not entertain any request.

अत: आप से अनुरोध है कि कृपया झांसे में न आये और ठगी का शिकार होने से बचे |

We provide we aim to provide end-to-end banking services and financial assistance to rural India.

Our Retail Customer Service Points, shall offer all banking services with technology-driven real-time connectivity.



 Banking Correspondence

Our Retail Customer Service Points, shall offer all banking services with technology-driven real-time connectivity.

 Business Loans

SAVE offers business loans for income generating activities for micro, small and medium businesses, trade and services, agricultural and allied activities, and many more… 

 Group Loans

Small income generation loans ensuring that financing reaches each individual member of the group.

 Business Associate

SAVE uses vast network of CSPs to generate business to conduct market research, develop business strategies and identify new business opportunities for exploring the customer segment who are not a part of mainstream banking system.

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